Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

pare prevent breast cancer

Pare, vegetable with bitter taste it has amazing properties. Pare it can protect women from the dangers of breast cancer.

Vegetables are known in India, China and South America are rich in vitamin C and Flavanoid. Earlier this vitamin has long been known as the diabetes drug because of pregnancy can lower blood sugar.

In a study published in Cancer Research, the researchers dealing with breast cancer cells from humans with bitter melon extract. Pare extracts slowed the growth and even kill breast cancer cells are.
According to Rachael Ray, a professor of pathology from Saint Louis University, bitter melon extract can kill cancer cells without disrupting healthy cells in the body. But the content is useful to pare the breast health, still need
investigated further, both in animals and humans.

The researchers suggest, especially to women, there is nothing wrong to consume bitter melon as a breast cancer prevention.

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