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pemimpim role
Pilot: Making Design
Empowering: kindle Talent, Energy and Contributions
Modeling: Building Trust Other People, The core of Effective Leadership

Everyone is a leader.
Leading the rachmatan lill alamin means building a team that can efficiently and effectively reach the right target which is useful for themselves and for surrounding areas.
Leadership is more defined as the ability to lead and manage themselves (self-management) that can contribute to the creation of synergy for achieving team goals or targets.

team and organization
TEAM means Together Everyone Achieve More รข € "One for All and All for One
Organization is as a vessel of two or more people working together or in one of togetherness to achieve common goals or objectives

performance evaluation team
Vision: whether all team members understand the vision of leaders / organizations?
Optimizing: optimalkah ability?
Integrity: how the integrity of each team member? Solidkah?
Communication: how the communication that occurs within the organization?
Empowering: Have bamboozle each other with each other, complement each other, build each other?

is the interaction of two or more individuals so as to produce a combination of strengths that exceed the sum of all individual power independently.
Synergy build synchronization of all potential team (maximum contribution).

capital of a reliable and successful individuals
Have Self-Discipline
Own Creativity
Having a Good Life Value
Having Good Character

positively acting
Increase productivity
Encouraging team performance
Resolving problems
Improving quality
Generate loyalty
Increase profit
Encouraging the creation of good relations between persons involved in an organization.
Forming a fun character

positive personality
Positive Attitude
Cheerful face
Shining eyes
Body language and words
Spiritual and social well-balanced

negative personality
Negative attitude
Always complaining
Energy loss (sluggish)
Looks tired

Life is a struggle
There is no life without struggle
Living No Escape From Issues
To deal with the problem,
We Demanded CREATIVE
Thus Problem We Can turn into Opportunity - Positive Opportunities

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