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teroris in sukoharjo

Teroris in sukoharjo - Special Detachment (Densus) 88 re-raid a place used for terrorist hideouts in Sukoharjo, Central Java. In a series of actions raid, Thursday (13 / 5), three people were arrested and immediately taken to Police Headquarters.
One of the places which were raided by 88 Densus Stroom Stores in Accu Eternal Hamlet Village Gondang Tray Pandeyan RT 3 RW 6, Sub Tray Sukoharjo district. Officers to secure one of the supposed terrorist named Joko Purwanto alias Handzalah. Officers also seized dozens of firearms and ammunition. Joko been waiting on the store.

While the weapons found in the form of a barrel Densus M16 rifles, one revolver type pistols, ammunition, 10 caliber bullets dos comprising 318 grains of 4.5 mm, 5 mm caliber 85 grain, grain 34 caliber 2.2 mm, 3.8 mm caliber 52 points, 9 mm caliber five grains and bullet proof vests. Officers also secured a telescope, dagger, one vest doreng, one backpack, one watch, two calf protector, and a book entitled "An Nazar".
After the ambush in Tray Pandeyan, teams bring immediate Densus Joko and develop tracking to successfully securing two other terrorist suspects. The two other terror suspects who were arrested are Erwin Suratman and Hamid Abdul Hamid alias Agung Wibowo.
From the information obtained, the raid on Tray Pandeyan, conducted at around 5:30, but since the team was at 1:00 on a stakeout. We issued a one-time raid officers fired warning shots before the break into the wall by jumping in front of the store and broke one glass front of the house. Shortly thereafter, officers secure the Ricardo and immediately searched the whole house.
According to the Village Head Pandeyan Parjiyo Tray (59), he was visited by officers and asked to watch as officers from transferring arms and ammunition in the house. "Inside was a lot of weapons and ammunition which was then brought officers," he said.
Police Sukoharjo AKBP Suharyono when found at the scene confirmed there was a raid conducted in the Village Team 88 Densus Pandeyan Tray. Currently concentration side to secure the scene.
Three people were terrorist suspects confined at the Central Java Sukoharjo presumably planning to send arms to Jakarta. "They had planned it. Both men and ammunition they are communicating, "said Wakadiv Police Public Relations, Brigadier General Pol ZAINURI Lubis at a news conference at Police Headquarters, Thursday.
Related to the alleged shipment of weapons to Jakarta plans, according ZAINURI, because the big city of Jakarta so it is more difficult to detect than the storage in a small town. But more, ZAINURI reluctant to explain because it is still under examination. Only, ZAINURI asserted, they are related action in Aceh military exercises. "We reiterate, Sukoharjo cases related to military exercises earlier this year a group of terrorists, in Jantho area of Aceh Besar. So, this is related to the previously captured, "he asserted.
Besides in Sukoharjo, the day before the terrorist membekuk Densus 88 also in West Java and Cawang Cikampek East Jakarta. All are allegedly related to military training in Aceh. National Police Chief Pol Gen Bambang Hendarso Danuri said the terrorist suspects who were shot dead in Cikampek, West Java, allegedly involved in the case of bombing the JW Marriott and Australian Embassy. "It is an old terrorist network allegedly involved in the Australian embassy bombing case and the JW Marriott," said Chief of Police at the Presidential Palace complex, Jakarta, Wednesday (12 / 5)
Police revealed that two terrorists were Maulana and Saptono. "This is a continuation of the terrorist raid operations in Aceh and the arrest of 12 terrorists before (in some places in Jakarta, and Bekasi May 6, 2010)," said Chief of Police. He said evidence found in the form of bullets and some weapons, but he could not explain in detail.
Media Bureau Chief Press Secretary of State, which convey the message DJ Nachrowi Police said the six suspected terrorists who take the fight, five of whom died in tragic and Cawang (Jakarta).
The news about the terrorist shooting penggrebegan and this is already up to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. "Police made a report to the President," said spokesman Julian President of the Interior Office of the President Pahsa Aldrin, Jakarta

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