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The characteristics of a good website

• Loading the web faster. The main cause of the length shown is the amount of website images or animation it has. Website visitors do not like to wait for the emergence of the old site, particularly in Indonesia, where many people still use 56 Kbps modems, so the speed of retrieving data more limited.

• Easy to read. Sebuat website must be easily readable. Inappropriate use of color can be difficult for visitors to obtain the desired information.
The following example of a good website design

• Have good content and structure. Website created so that visitors obtain the information. We need to know, where visitors come to the website, which wants to obtain information, and the possibility of buying our products or services. Therefore, websites need to be made to help the visitors get what they want, that is by having good content and structure. The contents of the good, can be seen from the completeness of the information products and services they deliver. Once visitors are interested in our products or services, he needs to be taken to close the purchase. This can be achieved among others by having a good web site structure, so that makes it easier in making a purchase. A good website structure can be seen from the navigation (the links it has). Through bad navigation, the visitor can get lost and then leaving the site he visited.

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