Selasa, 08 Juni 2010

instead of attacking Malaysia Indonesia

responding to hacker attacks combined from china and malaysia, hackers from Indonesia can not remain silent, the They take revenge by attacking back malaysia government sites and alert, and respond to the challenge or criticism from the hackers who named the malays and the china union, together with reprisals from the Indonesian malays are doing hackers and china, with red and white flag on their site, and the Indonesian national anthem accompanied highway, go for Indonesia jamgan until defeat is malaysia and china that have been stolen and acknowledge the culture that comes from our country

and contains the following message:

this is my opinion to stupid malaysia

-> We already very patient to Indonesia hackers <-> Do you remember? May 28?. <
-> Indonesia's military invasion of Malaysia News! <-> Today We fought back to lead a Coalition operation! <-> BY: China / Malaysia Hacker Union <-> China and Malaysia, We Will give network security! <-> And please dont ever try to hack malaysia / china website again!
above message that the Indonesian hackers convey to Malaysia, that lower their security ..

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